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Monday, 15 December 2014

Currents and tides...

I finished last week with a visit to CSIRO for the RV Investigator 'Welcome to Port' ceremonies. I was eager to get a bit closer to the ship and was hoping that I might be able to have a tour onboard. Unfortunately I wasn't successful in the ballot, but there was plenty to look at onshore. I had a chat to a gentleman whose company supplies the radar equipment for the ship. He explained how the systems work, tracking and recording weather information and how this data is used for constructing models. There were also several of the various devices that are deployed from the vessel into the ocean for measuring and recording all types of data including salinity, turbidity, chlorophyll as well as catching krill specimens and phyto-plankton. I was particularly interested in these and how I might adapt some of their forms into my sculptural work.

I was also paid a visit in the gallery space by one of the scientists from upstairs who is an expert on all of these devices and who will be coming to Heard Island in 2016. I will be going to have a look through the 'shed' to see the argo floats and SOT's (I can't remember exactly what SOT stands for, but will find out soon).

The last few days have seen a few new works arrive in the IMAS space. I've been adding to my small group of suspended mobiles and this morning I've been to the shops to get some more materials to play with...

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