Monday 10 September 2012

Finding Place: a drawing journey...

Finding Place: a drawing journey...

is a collaborative drawing project between South Australian artist Annalise Rees, residents and visitors to the city of Adelaide. The project is included as part of PLACE 2012

How is it that we come to know place? How do we describe a sense of what place is?

It is often the nameless, everyday things, frequently overlooked or taken for granted that define and attach us as individuals to particular geographic locations. The city of Adelaide was specifically planned and designed with a utopian vision as a different type of place to those that came before. The grid layout of Adelaide defines us as a city spatially, but how does it define us in less tangible terms? Does the fabric of the city (which includes more than just the hardware of streets, footpaths, and buildings) shape place as a space where we as human beings create and determine varying degrees of association? What does Adelaide mean to us as residents or visitors when we think about our connection or perhaps even disconnection with this city?

In this collective, collaborative work, I invite you to contribute your ideas about what is significant to you about place and specifically the city of Adelaide. What do you find exciting, curious, engaging, ridiculous, funny, sad or just plain boring?  You can choose to express and share these ideas by drawing, writing or sticking something into the various journals located around the city. Over the coming weeks as people like you participate and make a contribution to the journals, they will be photographed and added to an online archive documenting a collective vision of what this place means to all of us.

How to get involved...

Contribute to Finding Place: a drawing journey... by drawing, writing or pasting something that relates to your experience of place in one of the journals situated at various locations around the city.

Journal locations soon to be revealed!!! Stay posted!

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