Tuesday 2 December 2014

Paling into significance...

Over the last week I have been experimenting with a series of small (A5 graphite on cartridge paper) drawings. These drawings are all silhouettes, referencing a variety of nautical objects. The graphite appears to flatten the forms out as the silhouette is filled and the forms become dark, almost black mysterious shapes. The blackened graphite shapes hint at their process of making, of the many accumulated marks used to fill their space. The light over the surface of the graphite reveals the artist's hand and the tracking of their history from outline to occupied territory.

Hanging the drawings from the hanging system here in the gallery I discovered that the air conditioning system makes them bump and sway. Three have been anchored to the gallery floor with long lines of orange thread, marine safety orange, a marker, something to take note of. The small lead weights at their ends are lightly tugged by the breeze from the air conditioning vent, threatening to loose their hold on the floor.

Watch video of Drawings in the IMAS space here

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